Kaspa’s ASIC invalid shares fix on HeroMiners

Hero Miners
Sep 2, 2023


We released an update on August 31 to ensure that Kaspa’s ASIC (Ice River and Bitmain ASIC) miners receive less invalid shares and better performance. In this way, while miners are getting 1–5% invalid shares, they are now getting close to 0–1% invalid shares.

Thanks to our Vardiff feature, the pool will automatically move miners to the difficulty level where miners will get the best hashrate rate. You can also use it with static difficulty if you want. KS3 will always use static difficulty to minimize invalid shares.

Static Difficulty Usage (Optional)

17.18 GH

549.76 GH

17.59 TH

70.37 TH

We will continue to keep ourselves updated so that you can get the best performance in the HeroMiners Kaspa pool.

Happy Mining.