How to Mine Ergo (ERG)? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Ergo builds advanced cryptographic features and radically new DeFi functionality on the rock-solid foundations laid by a decade of blockchain theory and development.


Because Smart doesn’t take unnecessary risks.


Because Smart isn’t afraid to try new ideas.


Because Smart isn’t exclusive.


Because Smart doesn’t limit its options.

Now that we know the details about Ergo, let’s get to mining some ERG!

Ergo (ERG) Mining Pool: Those who have no idea about mining can easily start mining by watching this video.

Step 1 — Create Ergo (ERG) Wallet Address

Before you Start Mining, you need a wallet address. There are various options for having an ERG wallet.

Exchange Wallet:, Coinex, HotBit, TradeOgre

Step 2 — Download Mining Software

There are many miner applications where you can mining Ergo. Below we have explained in detail how to organize them.

Step 3 — Edit the bat File

SRBminer-Multi v0.7.3+ (Windows, Linux, CPU, AMD)

Method 1: Run guided_setup.bat file and answer questions:

Method 2: Open start-mining-ergo.bat file and copy / paste example below.

NBMiner v37.1+ (Windows, Linux, NVIDIA)

Open start_ergo.bat file and copy / paste example below.

nanominer v3.3.4+ (Windows, Linux, AMD, NVIDIA)

Open config.ini file and copy / paste example below.

Happy Mining.

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