How to Mine Conflux (CFX)? Complete Beginner’s Guide

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2 min readNov 18, 2020


Internet of Value

Conflux Network is an open network built to drive the next generation of global commerce by unlocking the decentralized applications and digital assets of tomorrow. Conflux enables secure and interoperable flow of assets and data across protocols & applications to create an internet of value for all.

Our public, permissionless blockchain is powerful and developer friendly. By integrating Proof of Work into a Tree Graph architecture, Conflux delivers a robust network with solidity compatibility, zero congestion and low fees.

Key features

Future-ready decentralized applications can leverage a high throughput rate of 3000–6000 TPS and low transaction fees.

An open network for building new financial applications, digital assets, business applications, and data economies.

Highly tested PoW consensus mechanism with increased security and Anti-reentrance attack protection at the protocol level.

Build the Decentralized Future

Create innovations that fundamentally drive us towards an equitable and globally inclusive future.

Accessible Tooling
Build applications in an EVM-compatible environment with Solildity smart contracts and Conflux Truffle. Interact with Conflux Network through a familiar browser-based wallet and SDKs in Javascript and Go.

Improved Capabilities
Leverage scalability and low transaction fees through the ShuttleFlow cross-chain asset protocol. Create new applications using a comprehensive IDE like Conflux Studio for enhanced development experience.

Unique Features
Utilize the transaction sponsorship mechanism for simplifying the user experience. Leverage the built-in staking interest to provide a foundation for innovative financial applications.

Now that we know the details about Conflux, let’s get to mining some CFX!

Conflux (CFX) Mining Pool: Those who have no idea about mining can easily start mining by watching these videos.

Step 1 — Create Conflux (CFX) Wallet Address

Before you Start Mining, you need a wallet address. There are various options for having an CFX wallet.

Exchange Wallet: Binance, Okex, HotBit,, Citex

Step 2 — Download Mining Software

There are many miner applications where you can mining Conflux. Below we have explained in detail how to organize them.

Step 3 — Edit the bat File

NBMiner v39.5+ (Windows, Linux, NVIDIA)

Open start_conflux.bat file and copy / paste example below.

nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_CONFLUX_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME

Bminer v16.4.7+ (Windows, Linux, AMD, NVIDIA)

Open mine_cfx.bat file and copy / paste example below.

bminer.exe -uri conflux:// -nofee

T-Rex v0.24.2+ (Windows, Linux, NVIDIA)

Create conflux-herominers.bat file and copy / paste example below.

t-rex.exe -a octopus -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_CONFLUX_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME -p x

Happy Mining.