Private Money

Haven is an ecosystem of untraceable assets that enables users to convert between volatile assets and stable currencies directly within their vault, with complete privacy.

An offshore bank,
without banks.

Haven (XHV) enables anyone, anywhere, to convert, store and transfer assets directly from their vault — without middlemen, custodians or third-parties.


Our native chain can deliver any real world data to smart contracts through our scalable blockchain-agnostic private ecosystem.

Community Ran Oracle Nodes

The Equilibria Oracle Network is ran by staked nodes. Each node acts as a data requestor and validator.

On-Demand Data Feeds

As more projects come into the crypto space there will be an increasing need for smart contracts to be connected, feeding data to and from each other, as well as having access to information from outside the crypto space.

Equilibria helps smart contracts retrieve information such as price feeds on token swaps, loan collateralization, esports, weather, and much more.

Token Economics

The Equilibria Oracle Network uses…

TurtleCoin is a decentralized Peer-2-Peer open source electronic currency. It’s easy to get, completely private, and ready for you today.

What is TurtleCoin?

Fast Transactions
TurtleCoin is creating blocks every 30 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes.

TurtleCoin has the same privacy features you’ll find in Monero and Aeon. Every transaction is private unless you choose to make it public.

Easy To Use
We support almost every OS, even on mobile you can make a secured paper-wallet for free, and get started with TurtleCoin in under 5 minutes.

What is different?

Ergo builds advanced cryptographic features and radically new DeFi functionality on the rock-solid foundations laid by a decade of blockchain theory and development.


Because Smart doesn’t take unnecessary risks.


Because Smart isn’t afraid to try new ideas.


Because Smart isn’t exclusive.


Because Smart doesn’t limit its options.

Now that we know the details about Ergo, let’s get to mining some ERG!

Ergo (ERG) Mining Pool: Those who have no idea about mining can easily start mining by watching this video.

Step 1 — Create Ergo (ERG) Wallet Address

Before you Start Mining, you need a wallet address…

A Private Digital Currency

Monero is cash for a connected world. It’s fast, private, and secure. With Monero, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activity.

Ravencoin is an open-source & peer-to-peer blockchain handling the efficient creation, transfer, and management of asset tokens.

Project Info:
Ravencoin was launched in the interest of fair distribution. Miners from all around the world have added to the network to create one of the strongest decentralized networks in existence. There is no ICO, no pre-mine, no masternodes, or any other gimmicky feature, and you can mine RVN using AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. …

Internet of Value

Conflux Network is an open network built to drive the next generation of global commerce by unlocking the decentralized applications and digital assets of tomorrow. Conflux enables secure and interoperable flow of assets and data across protocols & applications to create an internet of value for all.

Our public, permissionless blockchain is powerful and developer friendly. By integrating Proof of Work into a Tree Graph architecture, Conflux delivers a robust network with solidity compatibility, zero congestion and low fees.

Key features

Future-ready decentralized applications can leverage a high throughput rate of 3000–6000 TPS and low transaction fees.

An open network for…

Confidential, fast, easy to use

Leading the way to confidential DeFi

About Beam:
- Implementation built from scratch of the Mimblewimble protocol
- Open source code written in C++
- Modified Equihash mining algorithm
- Funded through a treasury model
- Capped emission: 262 million


All transactions are private. No information about transaction participants is stored in the blockchain.


“Scriptless Script” technology allows implementation of a wide variety of transaction types beyond simple transmissions of value; for example, atomic swapping, escrow, and time-locked transactions.

Opt-in auditability

To comply with relevant regulations, a wallet can be configured to attach digitally signed documentation (eg invoices or contracts) to all…

Scarcity, Scalability, Privacy,
Fungibility & Security

With a provable supply cap of 20,000,000, MWC is a scarce pure proof of work Mimblewimble based coin that enables greater network scalability, privacy, and fungibility than legacy blockchain protocols. All transactions on the base layer use Greg Maxwell’s Coin Join with his Confidential Transactions and signature aggregation.

The MWC network was launched in November 2019 and has functioned flawlessly with 100% uptime. The MWC Team considers the protocol ossified and currently sees no need for a future hard or soft fork unless a defensive action were required to protect the network.

Since discovery in 2016, Mimblewimble technology has rarely…

Hero Miners

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